About The UK Live In Care Association

UKLICA logoWe at the UK Live In Care Association want to spread the news that you can receive care in the comfort of your own home. This has been a pretty well kept secret until now, with most people feeling that their only option is to enter a residential home.

Our main aim is to bring together live-in care providers in order to collectively promote live-in care in the UK. There will be many beneficiaries of this- employees’, providers and clients requiring services to name a few.

We have also set up the live-in care association in order to become a collective voice of live-in care providers. We will be an educational site for those who wish to learn more about live-in care.

Live-in care is for anyone who wants to remain in the comfort of their own home and thereby retain their independence. There is a wide range of available services, and this flexibility allows clients to get everything from complex health care to simple companionship.

Due to the fact that part of the carer’s remuneration is rent free accommodation in the client’s home, live-in care can be very cost effective, especially if a couple is being cared for under the same roof.

Clients can keep their pets, garden and social circle instead of being displaced into unfamiliar and stressful environments.

The carer can prompt taking of medication, help with transportation and give comfort and companionship. Household chores and cooking meals are also something that a live-in carer can do for you.

Most people are unaware that live-in care is even available as an option. Some people find that their health suddenly deteriorates and that they need assistance in day to day living, although leaving their home fills them with dread for a variety of reasons.

Carers can provide security to those living in fear, and can be utilised even for the short term while a client recovers from a fall or hospital discharge, or for long term palliative care.

If your family lives far away and are unable to help by being there for you then having a live-in carer can relieve them of anxiety and of worrying too much about your situation.