Posted by UK Live In Care Association on 04/25/2016

How much does live in care cost?

How much does live in care cost?

There are many different providers of live-in care, and all of them offer different types of services at different costs. Overall, it is safe to say that typically live- in care is cheaper than the cost of moving to a residential care home. Furthermore, live- in care can be more cost- effective than hourly care. As a result, many people receiving hourly care make the transition from hourly to live in care for this very reason.

Comparing the costs- Different Providers

Below we have some typical examples of live-in care costs that we have seen on live- in care providers websites. We feel these are indicative of the rates charged for live- in care services in general. It is important to note that providers all have different business models; some will act as the live- in care provider, and other companies will act as an introductory service. More information can be found on our article linked below

Example: Provider “A”

One major managed provider lists their current price rate as between £873 to £1067 per week. The figure is determined by finding out your individual needs and conducting an individual assessment to find the best package.

The price includes the cost for the carer plus the management fee, although additional charges can be charged for carer travel expenses and interview expenses.

This is negotiable and is often only implemented in order to cover fuel costs should you require the carer’s assistance to go places on a regular basis.

An extra 80% must be paid to cover double time on public holidays.

This provider also recommends that household and motor insurance is taken out to cover live-in carers.

They assure prospective clients that home visits and VAT are not charged, and all expenses are shown in twice- monthly invoices which are easily payable through direct debit.

Example: Provider “B”

Another well known provider puts the figure of live-in care at between £600 to £1000. This provider makes the important point that if round the clock care is required, or if a couple is living together then costs are usually substantially lower than they would be at a care home.

Example: Provider “C”

For another provider, live-in care starts from £924 per week for a single person. Live-in care starts from £1,015 per week for a couple. Live-in respite care starts from £1,400 per week and with a minimum of three days care starts from £300 per day

Live-care costs are inclusive and entirely transparent, with no hidden extra live-in care costs and no VAT.

Example: Provider “D”

Another provider we looked at outline their rates in a convenient table which shows costs for low, medium and high dependency, and range from £559 to £769 per week.


This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to care providers, and you are strongly advised to research for yourself which company might be most beneficial for you. You can find a list of live in care providers by visiting our ‘find a provider ‘section by clicking here:-

Live-in care often offers so much more value than a care home. In contrast to residential care fees, where a significant proportion is spent on accommodation and food rather than on ‘touch time’, full-time, live-in carers are clearly able to spend significantly more genuine, one-to-one quality time with you in your own home. This helps to foster a much greater bond between you both.

It is also worth noting that live-in carer’s costs such as household bills and food should be covered by you as part of a carer remuneration package on top of the free accommodation that your home provides.