Posted by UK Live In Care Association on 04/18/2016

Signs It Might Be Time To Consider Live-in Care

Signs It Might Be Time To Consider Live-in Care

Below are some signs that you or someone you know might benefit from live-in care.

You Wish To Retain Independence

It might have got to the point that you cannot live alone anymore for a variety of different reasons. Rather than enter into a care home, live-in care is a much better alternative for most people who want to remain in their own home. A live in carer can help with all of your needs around the house.

You Are Getting Confused

Unfortunately, many people who get older develop some cognitive impairment. In a rapidly changing world of high technology, life can be confusing for all of us. For a person with Alzheimer’s disease, things can easily get out of hand and become extremely distressing. With a live in carer to help in the familiar environment of one’s own home, things are more manageable.

You Need Assistance Every Day

If it has got to the point that performing simple everyday tasks has become a struggle then live-in care can certainly benefit you. It might be that you are unable to get dressed or use the bathroom by yourself. It could be that you no longer feel safe driving and need someone to help with the shopping. In any case, a live in carer can see to all of your needs.

Your Family Member Needs A Break

Live in care can be a temporary situation that can allow a family member to get a much needed break. Caring for a family member can be exhausting and often does not leave the carer with much time to live their own life. As a result, live in carers are available for short term stays as well as long term.

You Need Company

No-one should underestimate the sadness that people are capable of feeling through loneliness in old age. Many older people feel unimportant and ignored and as a result experience untold misery and anguish in their final years. Having a live in carer can be a source of constant companionship and company.

You Need Someone To Cook And Clean

As we get older, tasks that seemed so easy before get more and more difficult. As we get older our nutritional needs increase- it is essential that we eat a healthy diet. Elderly people are very often undernourished and underweight as a result of lacking the energy and will to cook a healthy meal. A live in carer can ensure that the elderly person is getting the balanced sustenance that they require to remain healthy. The house will always be well kept as all of the cleaning and washing can be done by the live in carer.

You Need Help With Medication

It might be that as a person ages that they forget to take their medication. It might also be that they are unable to drive to the pharmacy to easily obtain it. With a live in carer, these fears can be averted.